My world of food, my story

2020 is definitely a year that we will all remember. I have decided to write and share with you my stories about food because food is so much part of my life and my daily joys!

During the last few months I have been building my vegetable garden. I had some little bits growing last year but circumstances this year gave me the chance to do much more. It is one of the most satisfying things, and a dream coming true, planning and planting a garden and growing my own food and I am already ‘tasting’ the hard work of the last months.    


When the world around stopped, I embraced the chance of building my little food heaven here under the Slieve Mish mountains in Co. Kerry and enjoying my favorite pass times, cooking, baking, eating and now also growing food while waiting to get back to my tours. So then I said…why not also write about food?

If you want to start a conversation with me, just mention anything food, and you’ll have my attention. About 5 years ago I traveled to Ireland, and found a little gem of a place, on the Dingle Peninsula. I lived and worked at a vegetarian restaurant – yes, a vegetarian restaurant in rural Kerry – with vegetable gardens and b&b. I felt like I had found a little bubble outside the rest of the world and had some of the best time of my life here. This can easily tell you why I am still here.

Being Italian and having grown up in a family that has always given a lot of importance to eating good food, to cooking together and to using our daily meals to get together and have a good time, tells you enough of why I am so passionate about all things food. 

I started with Kingdom Food Tours last year, 2019 after finishing my Irish National Tourist Guide certification. I have always enjoyed working with people and if I could mix people and passion for food, well, that is the perfect match. And if I can add Dingle to the mix and show the great people behind the amazing food that this green Island can offer, then I feel like I have found my dream job. I feel so lucky, since landing here, I have started looking and I have found so much. Ireland has some of the best ingredients and produce and some really passionate people that are reinventing a great food destination. 

So, I have decided to write about food, which is so much part of my daily life…my cooking and recipes, my gardening and vegetable growing, my eating out and exploring beautiful places to eat and the great Irish food scene, the stories and the produce. We’ll see how it goes…



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