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This is how it all started

Embracing unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences in Co. Kerry

Kingdom Food Tours is born with the idea of showcasing Irish food produce in Co. Kerry. Ireland has so many good ingredients, products and producers, restaurants, pubs and shops that are sometimes still unknown to the visitor. Green fields, mild climate, sea all around the country and creative minds produce some great foods and drinks that can be enjoyed in the colorful towns or along the way through the rugged coasts. Seafood, meat, cheese, beer and whiskey…and so much more to discover. 

Besides all the good food, Co. Kerry has an ancient history and beautiful landscapes that steals the hearts of many visitors. Kerry – Ciarraí in Irish – translates to “people of Ciar” which is the name of the pre-Gaelic tribe who dominated the area, known as the Kingdom of Ciar. Still nowadays, Kerry is known as The Kingdom and the locals are very proud of it. 

Kingdom Food Tours will help you discover this beautiful county and taste some great food, learn about its history and enjoy the beauty of its towns, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Book our Dingle Food Tour, when you are exploring the Dingle Peninsula and you’ll get to fill your belly with yummy foods.

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