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The Dingle Food Tour will give you the chance to learn more about Irish food and its history through the tasting of Irish produce. I will bring you to some of Dingle’s little gems where you will be introduced to a mouthful of flavours

I will bring you into different restaurants and shops where you will get the chance to taste and flavour some great Irish produce. Dingle town is nestled on the Dingle Peninsula with its fishing port and many eateries, it is known as one of Ireland’s best foodie towns. You will walk through the town, learn about its history and background and I will introduce the ingredients and the history behind every food you’ll taste and place you’ll see.

The guided tour of approximately 3.5 hours is a different way to explore the town, learn about its history and taste some great Irish produce.

Please be aware that the tour will take place in every weather condition. Bring appropriate clothing, a raincoat/umbrella and comfortable shoes. I also suggest a water bottle. Tastings may contain alcohol, dairy, gluten, meat and seafood. Please let me know if you have any allergies.

Let’s get tasting!

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