Dick Mack’s Bottle Library 

‘’Today is just one special bottle away from being an occasion’’. Classic wines, rare whiskeys and fine cigars are now sold in this magical little town here in the South West of Ireland. I think it is easy to understand we are spoilt for quality here in Dingle with fresh, local food and high quality ingredients, every meal deserves a great bottle of wine to be enjoyed with – or indeed a fine glass of whiskey and a Cuban cigar to relax after dinner. Sometimes it is not easy to pick the perfect bottle for your special occasion, but if you walk into Dingle’s newest shop, you’ll be welcomed with big smiley eyes and lots of expertise. Here’s where the magic happens – every day could turn into a special occasion!

Rediscover classic wines…

Trevis Gleason, renowned author and chef, tells me that the idea of opening up a wine shop has been in his head for years. Wine appreciation and food pairing are only a few of the qualities that Trevis has collected throughout his career, as he worked as an instructor in the Cornwell University School of Hotel Administration. He fell in love with Dingle, like many of us, and has become famous for his involvement in the Dingle food scene and the publishing of the book ”Dingle Dinners”. The perfect opportunity has materialized itself after a chat over a glass of whiskey with Finn Mac Donnell, grandson of Dick Mack, and they have brought classic wines, rare whiskeys and fine cigars to Dingle.


It is such a great feeling to see the famous doors of Dick Mack’s open again after a long year of lockdowns. There is a sense of respect for the old days, walking into a pub which has been running since 1899. Emotional and exciting at the same time. With pubs, restaurants and the whole hospitality industry being hit really hard during the pandemic, it is great to see new ventures starting off from amazing collaborations. While indoor dining and drinking won’t be permitted until July 5th, the Bottle Library has taken over the front room of the pub and once the bar opens again, the shop will move to a room adjacent to the main bar. Have a chat to the team, they’ll be wearing a white coat, Cliona and Fallon, both wine experts and enthusiasts with Trevis joining them on Saturdays – tell them what you’ll be having for dinner, rest assured they’ll find the right bottle of classic wine for you. 


But it’s not only wine at Dingle’s Bottle Library…

Dingle has become one of the favorite destinations for whiskey lovers with the Dingle Distillery proudly distilling whiskey since 2012. In December 2015, the first cask was released. The first batch of Dingle Single Malt was then released in late 2016, matured in bourbon casks for the previous 3 years. There is a legal requirement in Ireland for a spirit to be matured for at least 3 years for it to be called Irish whiskey.

Almost every pub in town serves the Dingle whiskey and having won 4 times whiskey bar of the year, Dick Mack’s has been another ”must” for whiskey enthusiasts in Dingle. Throughout lockdown, Finn and Derek have started an online whiskey shop – putting together 50ml glass bottles from their amazing whiskey selection. Now, Dick Mack’s Bottle Library is also selling rare bottles of whiskey that cannot be found in a regular off-license. You’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful display and keep an eye out for their first own label bottle of Irish Whiskey – Dick Mack’s Single Whiskey distilled at the Dingle Distillery.



Dingle is getting ready to get back on its feet and be back at what it has always been offering: high quality delicious local food and drink. It is exciting to see some great new additions to the already fantastic food and drink scene and the latest ideas that have come to life ‘’thanks’’ to the pandemic. The Dick Mack’s Bottle Library is one for your bucket list when visiting Dingle. The shop is open Tuesday to Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm, and you know where it is?! Across from the church! And if you are wondering where the church is – well, it’s across from Dick Mack’s!



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